Monday, 13 June 2016



Photography has taught me perspective. It has shown me that one photo can be viewed a million ways and there is no one right way. It has allowed me to discover things about myself and have a new look out on life. This semester, as a growing photographer I more i depth captured moments and pictures. This meant I had to fully give myself to the moment and focus on structuring the photo correctly. I found it difficult when I was called to use more of a photoshop approach because that isn't my strongest point. The project I am most proud of is my 7 days of self. I enjoyed, and I am proud of this work because of how the idea developed and I approached it. I liked how broad the theme was and how creative I got to be with my own idea. I liked overlapping the outside onto myself, because it makes the photo so much stronger, but in reality it was very simple to pull off. If I could redo a project I would re visit the day in my life. I didn't feel like I executed this project to my full potential and would've liked to try more things with it. In the future I want to be more mindful about capturing the moment to the fullest I can and execute it, without having to photoshop it a lot. 


I would explain light as the brightness that the camera captures. My favorite time to take photos is at golden hour because I like the sun as it is going down and I enjoy the light that is produced. To make a good photo you must have good light and a focused subject. It must be fully and well lit and capture a message and meaning. 

Tuesday, 7 June 2016